Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is a thermoplastic made of vinyl chloride.

PVC is ranked the 3rd on the list of popular plastics and categorized as non-recyclable product.


+       PVC is a white or light yellow powder.

+       Density: 1.4g/cm3, higher than that of PE and PP, so it takes a large amount of PVC to obtain a sheet with the same thickness as PE and PP.

+       PVC is not toxic; toxicity is found in its additives and residual VC (vinyl chloride) monomer, and enduring manufacture of products due to the HCI separation...

+       Waterproof and steam resistance is weaker than that of PE and PP types.

+       Impact resistance is poor.

+       PVC is a good insulator; PVC-based insulating materials are generally supported by plasticizers that make PVC more elastic, tough and easy to process for higher quality and user-friendly fabrication.


+   Film forming: Use as a film label for food-grade plastic bottles and containers or film wrapper for short period of time such as raw meats and fresh vegetables.

PVC film is made by rolling on a rolling machine or blowing on a film blowing machine. PVC film consists of 3 types: hard, semi-hard and soft. The hard, semi hard and soft PVC films are produced depending on the amount of added plasticizers.

+   Pipe: 2 types of PVC pipe are available. Hard PVC pipes are also known as uPVC pipe and soft PVC pipe.  Hard PVC pipe does not use plasticizer in the mixing formula. By contrast, plasticizer must be used in soft PVC pipe during formulation. The common plasticizer is DOP plasticizer.

+   Electrical wire and cable: PVC is widely used to manufacture outer electrical wires and cables. Depending on the type of additive used, the cables are classified to use at 70°C, 90°C and 105°C.

As its recyclability is less than 1%, PVC is not used to produce products in direct contact with food or water. Because PVC contains Phthalates - one of the chemical compounds that hinder the hormone growth, products made from safer plastics such as PET, PP, PE, etc., should be selected as necessary.